Horse Creek at Crosswinds

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Horse Creek at Crosswinds is a community of new single-family homes for sale in Davenport, FL. Primely located off Highway 17, residents enjoy top shopping and dining at Posner Park, local golf courses and watersports opportunities at Lake Davenport, while world famous theme parks such as Disney World and Epcot are only a short drive away. Horse Creek is currently being sold out of the Providence Welcome Home Center, located at 2214 Barrington Loop in Davenport, FL.

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Price Range

$257,490 -


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Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool



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$286,490 Starting price1,870 ft² • 4 beds • 2.5 baths
Trinity Lakes Manor Collection Concord


$328,490 Starting price2,580 ft² • 6 beds • 3 baths


$317,990 Starting price2,389 ft² • 5 beds • 2.5 baths


$311,990 Starting price2,215 ft² • 5 beds • 2.5 baths
Horse Creek at Crosswinds Annapolis Exterior A1
1 home available


$257,490 Starting price1,461 ft² • 3 beds • 2 baths

Approximate HOA fees • $14.25

Approximate tax rate • 1.31%

Approximate special assessment fees • $2,010.45


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